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Red Gold’s New Pull-Top Ramekin Offers Solution for Ketchup Portion Control

Portion control (PC) condiments have become a priority among foodservice operators due to the pandemic. Red Gold’s new 1.5 oz. Pull-Top Ramekin offers a single solution for dine-in, take-out and delivery customers.

“At the onset of the COVID pandemic, Red Gold foresaw the need for a new PC package for serving condiments to customers,” says David Halt, vice-president of foodservice for Red Gold. “The Pull-Top Ramekin is our response. Perfect as an alternative to ketchup as a tabletop condiment, for take-out or delivery, drive-through and catering, this 1.5 oz. serving can be one solution for almost every need to standardize service and save on labor.”

The ketchup ramekin offers a wide-mouth opening for dipping fries, onion rings, tots and chicken tenders with ease. Compared to plastic ramekins prepared by the restaurant for take-out or delivery, the Pull-Top Ramekin is tamper-evident, reduces contact and eliminates the mess and labor of filling the ramekins and securing a lid.

A Technomic consumer survey earlier this year found that 59% of consumers prefer portion-control packaging for their condiments. “Due to high demand, some operators are experiencing shortages and limited distribution of their ketchup PCs from other suppliers,” says Halt. “We’re not experiencing inventory issues, and we’re here with ample supply of PC packets, dipping cups and our new Pull-Top Ramekin.”

Red Gold’s condiment options include regular formula ketchup as well as packets and dipping cups with a low-sodium, no-high-fructose-corn-syrup formula. The company also offers spicy options like Jalapeno Ketchup and Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce Ketchup in a PC packet.

Operators can sample all Red Gold PC products free of charge at