Los Angeles, CA—September 16, 2016—The authoritative domain Pizzerias.com is available for acquisition for the first time since 1997.  Why should you care? Buckley Media Group, the broker of record for the domain, explains when you utilize a highly targeted, category-defining domain like Pizzerias.com, you turn mindshare into market share at a lower cost of media dollars spent.

Location: Brand Credibility & Market Share
Brand Recognition + Generic Credibility = More Brand Recognition

Most companies own multiple brands. On top of that, marketing agencies utilize multiple approaches to target various consumer audiences—a two-fold approach is more valuable than just pushing brand recognition alone. Brand recognition efforts are vital. For maximum effectiveness, combine them with efforts to grow credibility for consumers who are unfamiliar with your brand or undecided.

Look at Russian Standard Vodka’s $3 million acquisition of premium domain Vodka.com. Furthermore, look at the timing: the Russian company was 1 year into their first foray into the lucrative US market. For three straight years since, with US growth rates at 56.5%, the brand received honors and awards for understanding and achieving consumer appeal. Acquiring the premium domain name was an integral part of this success. As a startup, Mint.com credited their investment in a premium domain as a primary factor that enabled their brand recognition up to the 15 million users they know report.

Now, premium domain names don’t exclusively add value for startups or an unknown brand entering international markets. Barnes & Noble owns Books.com, attracting curious book lovers. Bank of America surely closes millions more of sales on their premium domain Loans.com… And the list goes on: “tuna.com” points to “bumblebee.com,” and “salad.com” points to “hiddenvalley.com.”

Whether your business is a startup or established, Pizzerias.com can be leveraged with unlimited marketing and branding potential to help your business stand out from the competition.

Acquiring a premium, targeted domain like pizzerias.com is:

An Efficient Investment – The category-defining targeted domain of pizzerias.com helps you turn mindshare into market share at a lower cost of media dollars spent. A descriptive global brand helps you engage and drive consumers to your offerings at an even greater rate, particularly via organic sales.

Authority Principle – Similar to how social proofs (testimonials, for example) can validate your brand, something can inherently contain a social proof. Like an official uniform, the right domain can signify competence and professionalism. Premium .COMs with a phrase central to your brand conveys that you are the leading presence in that field. How valuable is it to you to already be pre-sold to your customers and, in fact, the global economy, as the authority? This instant foot in the door is very valuable and thus the reason for 6, 7 and sometimes 8-figure valuation on such assets.

Brand Awareness — An acquisition of pizzerias.com would strategically position your brand as owner of your space. Acquiring an easy to spell, memorable, authoritative domain like pizzerias.com is both strategic and efficient—a cheaper way for you to grow market and mind share and capitalize on the current growth opportunity provided by market trends and existing platforms. After all, doesn’t every business want to know how they can acquire a new user or client for less marketing dollars and effort; the never-ending quest for increased ROI? 

A descriptive global brand like Pizzerias.com will help you engage and drive consumers at an even greater rate. There are 117,000,000 Google search results for “Pizzerias" — rise to the top every time.

For more information, contact Kristy Peterson, Buckley Media Group, 949-742-5747, kristy@buckleymediagroup.com

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