Rapper Orders a Crust-Only Pizza, Causes an Internet Sensation

The internet asks "why" in honor of the famous rap.

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Special request for @therealkiss โ—๏ธ Who else like Crust only? ๐Ÿ‘€

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Late evening, July 16, Cuts & Slices pizzeria posted a unique order on Instagram: a circle of crust with the pizza completely cut out. No cheese, no pepperoni, nada… just the crust.

Not only is the custom order outlandish, so is the customer: Jadakiss.ย  The 44-year-old rapper hasn’t elaborated on his order, let alone speak about it, astonishing the internet.

However, the story begins to unravel: Jadakiss made this order a year ago, and the picture is just now resurfacing.

Could this be in response to Villa Italian Kitchen‘s special “Just the Crust” offer? Until the rapper speaks out, we may never know. In the meantime, enjoy our favorite jokes from this viral sensation.

One thing for sure: Jadakiss does love Cuts & Slices and its pizza crust!