Giving up meat for Lent doesn’t mean you have to give up pizza, thanks to options like the Shrimp Alfredo Pizza at Rapid Fired Pizza, the Ohio-based chain with 27 locations in six states.

“Lent is important to many people, so we wanted to make sure there were options that please our customers from all walks of life,” says Rapid Fired co-founder Ray Wiley. The Shrimp Alfredo Pizza is typically served on a thin crust with white alfredo sauce, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, a shake of The Bomb, shrimp, and a drizzle of pesto.

In addition to the Shrimp Alfredo option, Rapid Fired added Shrimp Scampi—featuring a base of garlic butter and spinach followed by Parmesan cheese, shrimp, salt and crushed red pepper—as a limited-time offer. Both shrimp dishes can be served as a pasta dish as well.

“Our customers really enjoy the shrimp as an option on a custom-made pizza also,” Wiley says. “In addition to the pan and thin crust, many customers enjoy our gluten-free crust and our No-Doh pizza, which is also gluten-free. Constant research and development to improve the ingredients and baking process is a way of life at Rapid Fired Pizza as we strive to provide excellent food for our customers.”


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