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Random Act of Kindness Sets Off Chain Reaction at Pizzeria

One customer’s random act of kindness has set off a chain reaction at a pizzeria in Elkhart, Indiana. Now it seems like everyone wants to give back to others, especially when it comes to pizza, reports the Elkhart Truth.

It all started at Enzo Pizza, located in the Concord Mall in Elkhart, when a female customer finished her meal, paid her check and then handed employee James Livengood a $100 bill, suggesting he use the money to “randomly help people out.” Livengood, son of the pizzeria’s owner, Jerry Livengood, said he’d seen acts of goodwill at the shop before, but this was the most money any individual had ever donated to help others. When Jerry passed the kindness forward by comping another customer’s meal, that customer responded by giving back another $30 for someone else’s meal.

After James posted about the random act of kindness on the Elkhart Truth’s Facebook page, earning more than 1,700 likes, 400 shares and 120 comments, the good deeds kept piling up. When three Marines came in to eat a couple of days later, two different customers volunteered to pay for their meals—the generous pair ended up splitting the check. Moved and inspired, Jim and other Enzo employees are donating all of their March tips to the American Cancer Society.

Jerry Livengood told the Elkhart Truth that these random acts of kindness help counteract the negativity propagated in the national media. “We need hope,” he said. “[Goodwill] helps build up hope that the world isn’t completely falling apart. We have people that are doing good.”