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New Pizzeria Products and Equipment for October 2020

Thrive POS

With packages starting as low as $149 a month, managing your pizza delivery business with Thrive POS and their suite of business-building tools has never been more affordable. More than just a POS system, Thrive features an array of pizza technology solutions, including delivery, mobile and online ordering, loyalty marketing and enterprise reporting—all fully integrated with the POS. 

Peerless Ovens

No hood? No problem! The Peerless Electric CE61PE-VL50 Ventless Pizza Deck Oven offers exclusive features, including a space-saving design, with electronic controls and a variable control system for better distribution of heat and better baking. The ventless hood is certified under UL710b. The Ansul R-102 wet chemical fire suppression system is available where required. 800-548-4514,

Pizza Cloud

PizzaCloud provides customized phone service and cellular backup internet to more than 1,000 pizza restaurants, helping lower costs, increase revenue and eliminate outages. “They have the best phone service, customer service and support team in the business,” says Ali Ghassabian of Pizza Guys. “Over the last two years, I’ve gotten excellent service from them. We’re transferring all of our 70 locations to Pizza Cloud.” 866-511-5521,


There are many ways to utilize Nutella within the pizza segment. Dessert pizzas are a perfect fit! And customers can even take them to go! Offer a customized dessert pizza made with Nutella as an option so customers can experience this indulgent treat at home. Visit Nutella’s website to get the recipe for the pictured pizza and more pizza recipes. 800-408-1505,

Portion Padl

The difficulty of cutting a pizza can hinder your ability to offer a creative new menu item. That might explain why more operators don’t offer a hybrid of both pizza slices and cheese bread or breadsticks in one dish. The Slices and Strips Portion Padl, inspired by Little Caesars’ new Slices-N-Stix, solves this problem—and any employee, whatever their experience level, can work with it. 330-608-5928,


Online growth platform Dig-In is the restaurant industry’s answer to third-party apps and online ordering. With every Dig-In package, your restaurant gets a professional website, custom SEO, an ordering system, delivery integration and more—with no middleman or app needed. To learn more about how Dig-In can serve pizzeria owners, visit 424-257-2990,