Awaken your salads, appetizers and pizzas with Grande Shaved Parmesan, a taste that keeps customers coming back! This variety offers the same full-flavored, subtly nutty taste you expect from Grande Parmesan, delicately shaved to add a signature taste and look to your dishes. Grande Parmesan is all-natural and free of fillers and preservatives. 800-847-2633,


Follett ice machines can be located under a counter or in a back room of your pizza restaurant, and the ice can travel up to 75’ through a tube to your dispense point. Follett has a totally enclosed system, transporting ice while eliminating human contact. You don’t have to carry buckets of ice to separate server stations, saving time and labor and improving safety and sanitation. In other words, Follett gives you less to worry about!


There are many exciting ways to utilize Nutella within the pizza segment. Dessert pizzas, for example, are a perfect fit. Dessert pizzas featuring Nutella have increased 28.6% on restaurant menus in the past two years. You can offer additional fruit toppings for unique dessert pizzas and wow customers with a delicious treat. For a recipe and to learn more about Nutella, visit 800-408-1505


Heckers & Ceresota

For more than three generations, the Uhlmann Company has been producing Heckers and Ceresota Unbleached flours for the finest pizza restaurants in Chicago and New York City. Now the company has introduced Ceresota Napoli “00.” Milled in Italy from the finest European and Italian soft wheat, Napoli “00” flour is authentically Italian and designed to meet the needs of the most seasoned pizzaiolos.

Marra Forni

Marra Forni’s Rotator oven is changing the way restaurants bake pizza. The easy-to-use touchscreen technology offers full control of crucial functions such as temperature, deck rotation speed, direction and automatic on and off. This smart brick oven eliminates the need to hire highly trained chefs, offers energy savings and cooks pizzas evenly in a half rotation in under 90 seconds. 888-239-0575,

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