Privateer Rum from Ipswich, MA becomes Rum For All's newest member!

(Press Release) New York, NY, November 12, 2013 — Rum For All’s newest member is Privateer Rum, an exceptional craft Rum produced in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Privateer begins with only the highest quality ingredients and yeasts in the world. Fermentation is long and cool in the tradition of great spirits. True American Amber ages in 53 gallon barrels, slowly, breathing in annual cycles in the Maritime climate of New England. Every batch is then cask-finish in used whiskey and brandy barrels. Privateer holds honesty as its promise. They have a purity of purpose that drives them to craft a pure Rum. They never adulterate their Rums with additives including flavorings, glycerols or colorings.

Said RFA co-director and spirits authority/educator/author F. Paul Pacult, editor of F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal, “Sean, Sue and I take great delight in welcoming Privateer Rum to the Rum For All advocacy initiative. With the craft distilling industry growing by leaps and bounds, the addition of Privateer is highly appropriate and timely. With the rich history of Rum production in Massachusetts, the entry of Privateer gives Sean and me the chance to explore this seventeenth and eighteenth century phenomenon more in-depth at our seminar/tastings. But as much as anything, it’s Privateer’s role as a premium contemporary craft distiller that excites us.”

Added Andrew Cabot, President of Privateer International LLC, “Rum is a diverse category with an extraordinarily broad range of expressions; this heterogenaity has not always helped Rum’s reputation as a fine spirit. We respect RFA's mission to draw attention to the finest Rums in the industry as part of their efforts to expand peoples’ perceptions of Rum. It is an honor to be a part of RFA and its first small batch distiller, and we look forward to working with the group for years to come.”

The current Rum For All Members are:
• 10 Cane, Trinidad
• Appleton Estate, Jamaica
• Bacardi, Puerto Rico
• Banks Rums, West Indies
• Blue Chair Bay, Barbados
• Brugal, Dominican Republic
• Cruzan, Virgin Islands
• Depaz, Martinique
• Diplomatico, Venezuela
• Don Q, Puerto Rico
• Mount Gay, Barbados
• Privateer Rum, Ipswich, MA
• Ron Abuelo, Panama
• Shellback, Barbados
• The Real McCoy, Barbados

After two enormously successful years of preaching the gospel of Rum across the continent, Rum For All is poised to enter its third year with major first quarter 2014 events in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and New York. Said co-director and spirits authority, Sean Ludford, “Rum For All’s express mission is simple: to make the compelling case through education and tasting that premium and super-premium Rums are, in fact, as classic, noble and majestic as Bourbon, Scotch Whisky, Cognac, Tequila, and Armagnac. It’s clear that Rum’s golden moment isn’t tomorrow. It is NOW!”

Becoming a Rum For All member is easy, affordable and highly beneficial for all Rum producers. For more information on membership, please call 845-895-1922 or email mail(AT)spiritjournal(DOT)com.

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