• Pizzas on the menu at Power Pizza include the pickle-topped Tickle Pickle and the Shawarma-ma, featuring shawarma chicken.
  • Insauga.com said the newly opened shop will “quickly become a must-try spot” for local pizza fans.

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If you ever devoured a pizza slice while perusing the latest issue of Spider-Man or Legion of Superheroes as a kid, a new pizzeria has powered up just for you in East Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

In addition to about a dozen signature “super pizzas,” like the Pickle Tickle and the Shawarma-ma, Power Pizza features original décor created by Toronto-based illustrator Adrian Hayles, who is known for painting huge murals on Yonge Street and for  “blurring the lines between graffiti and ultra-realism,” according to his website. His corporate clients have included Nickelodeon, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Red Bull, to name a few.

The Pickle Tickle pizza features a garlic-infused olive oil base, mozzarella, pickle slices, red onion, bacon, a garlic drizzle and a sprinkle of dill weed. The Shawarma-ma offers a garlic sauce base, mozz, shawarma chicken, red onions and a garlic sauce drizzle.

Power Pizza also serves us a vegan pizza featuring a gluten-free crust and the option of vegan, nut-free mozzarella. Snacks on the menu include fried pickle swords, fried avocado bites and jalapeno poppers.

Comic book fans can also enjoy the comics-themed memorabilia, including superhero action figures, located at the counter.

Insauga.com described Power Pizza’s storefront and décor as “a real feast for the eyes,” adding, “Early reviews suggest this funky spot will quickly become a must-try spot for Hamilton’s pizza fans, especially once the city starts emerging from lockdown in the coming weeks.”

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