Bainbridge Island, Washington, though similar in size to Manhattan, has a population of only 24,000 people. Will Grant, owner of That’s A Some Pizza in Bainbridge Island, has honed in on spreading positivity, strength and as much of a sense of normalcy as he can for his community during the coronavirus crisis.

“Every Friday, [there are] families that have been eating with us for 35 years, so if we can stay open,” Grant explains to PMQ’s Brian Hernandez in this new installment of PMQ Live Update. “The world is kind of crumbling around people, they are stuck, they are having to deal with things they have never dealt with before and work with their kids in ways they haven’t, be teachers for their kids and learn a new family dynamic. But there’s a really big strength in just being there for people, letting them know when you are there – being positive.”


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