Roscoe’s Pizza in Corwin, Ohio—home to about 484 people—has been known to shake things up. The pizza place once garnered headlines when it first released “The Elvis”: a pizza topped with bacon, peanut butter, banana and honey.

As first reported by 614 Now, Roscoe’s is at it again, this time with a pizza featuring pineapple, banana and… curry powder?

Roscoe’s appears to release specialty pizzas at least once per week. In fact, the menu features up to 100 specialty pizzas at one time, and it’s clear that the shop has no shortage of culinary imagination. Another pie 614 Now had highlighted in the past was a polarizing pie that appeared to feature burnt potato chips.

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The pizzeria took to Facebook to defend that particular pie, which is known as the Grippos BBQ Pizza, and the process behind creating it.

“We did a lot of experimenting,” the pizzeria wrote. “We started making a BBQ chicken pizza, with Grippos, and Cheddar Cheese on top. The chips were WAY too soggy. Didn’t taste good. Then tried putting the Grippos on top. The chips themselves did char up, but most people who tried the pizza loved it. We did try adding the Grippos post bake, but it was really nothing special. You needed the seasoning from the Grippos to bake into the pizza, and it just didn’t do it…This pizza may look burned – but the pizza itself is not burned. Only the top chips come out charred. It has to do with the sugar content in Grippos. We have a Kettle Chip pizza where the chips are not charred.”

Within the past month alone, Roscoe’s has advertised the following pies on its Facebook page: The Tuber, featuring “Crack Base” (cream cheese, sour cream and ranch), mashed potatoes, cheddar and ham; The Crab Rangoon, with a Sweet Chili Cream Cheese mixture base, Imitation Crab, Panko Breadcrumbs and additional Sweet Red Chili; The Bama Warrior, featuring a White Alabama BBQ Sauce Base, cheese, chicken and bacon. That final pie gets more White Alabama BBQ Sauce on top after it is baked.

The pizzeria’s Facebook page noted that The Crab Rangoon and Bama Warrior have become best-selling pies for the pizzeria.

According to its website, Roscoe’s was founded in 2020 by a gentleman named Jeff Ross, who had spent 10 years managing other pizzerias. That experience appears to be serving him well.