Pizzeria is a natural choice

According to a news report from thepost.baker.ohiou.edu, “For those craving a change from the typical Hungry Howie’s and Goodfella’s pizzas, a new restaurant offers close to any type of pie you can imagine.”

“Owners Bob O’Neil and Christine Hughes from the Village Bakery & Café opened Pizza & Gelato Della Zona, 270 East State St., in July.  Della Zona offers a wide variety of specialty pizzas and homemade toppings as well as unique beverages and desserts such as gelatos and Italian Sodas,” said the story. “All foods are made with non-industrial products, with a majority of ingredients and produce grown locally by Athens farmers, O’Neil said. “Our menu is constantly evolving as seasons change.  We use the local produce that reflects the availability of the season’s produce,” he said, stressing that nothing in Della Zona is pre-made for health and ecological reasons.”

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