“Pizza! The Movie” is being filmed and you could be in it!  New York independent filmmakers Michael Dorian and Joe dos Santos are making a feature-length film about pizza  for theatrical release, and are traveling the country interviewing pizza makers, historians, scholars, etc.

Michael and Joe came to the PMQ offices and filmed three days of footage and then headed to Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and all points in between…but this isn’t the end. They will continue shooting through the Spring and will be traveling to other parts of the country. In addition, they will be traveling to Australia and Italy with the PMQ staff and will be filming at the New York Pizza Show. Here is some information about what they are filming.

The Pizza Industry — Profiles of pizza industry executives and entrepreneurs. This includes pizza parlors from various locations in the United States, Australia, and Italy. They will portray the regional styles and varieties available here and display developments and trends in the industry, including advances in pizza-related technologies and marketing, the worldwide popularity of pizza and the economics involved.

The History of Pizza — This will depict pizza's glorious story from ancient times to the present, with segments on the history of pizza in New York and Chicago (including landmark places like Patsy’s, Lombardi's, and Grimaldi's in New York and Pizzeria Uno and Gino’s East in Chicago). There will be interviews with pizza experts, historians, chefs and entrepreneurs from around the country. They will trace the "rise" of pizza from its humble origins to its prominence as a global, cross-cultural favorite (even pizza as politics). They plan to explore the spread of pizza from its common fare roots to its emerging status as a gourmet dish (including recent trends like California-style pizza). Finally, they will investigate the beginnings of pizza in its native land.

Shows/US Pizza Team — In these segments, they will interview and shoot footage of individuals involved in planning and coordinating the various pizza shows this year and in 2005. They will cover all aspects of the shows, including panels, exhibitors, seminars and personalities. They will portray the process of taking part in the shows, the skills involved in the art of pizza-making and the passions exemplified by these talented and creative individuals. In particular, Cat Price Productions will document the trials for the U.S. Pizza Team and follow it to Italy for the World Pizza Championship in early 2005.

If you would like to contact these two up-and-coming filmmakers and inquire about how you can be on their list of stops, e-mail Michael at md@catprice.com or Joe at jds@catprice.com. There are also sponsorship opportunities available.

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