According to the Madison County Courier, “Vince’s Gourmet Imports is teaming up with Madison Cortland ARC to raise money for educational services and employ people with disabilities.”

“’The great thing about this program is that it delivers quality food at reasonable prices,’ said Sam Mondello, co-owner of Vince’s Gourmet. ‘This allows the people buying the product to benefit while the organization raises much needed funds. In this economy, budget shortfalls are leaving the school organizations with deficits. Our intent is to help while introducing new people to our store.’ The concept was concocted when Mondello was helping out on his school’s Parent Teacher Association. They were looking for new fundraisers and he had the idea to use their homemade sauce to make something everyone likes: pizza. Mondello set out to find ways to package its ingredients to make a good Italian pizza. The glitch was having enough help to help create the kits in a short timeframe and having the freezer space to store the kits until delivery. When researching packaging, he was connected with Alternatives Industry, a subsidiary of Madison Cortland ARC. They were the missing ingredient. They had the expertise to put it all together and facilities to solve the issue of storage space.”

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