“Rose Marie Cioppa used to pile up french fries on the plates of undernourished students in the Woodland Hills School District to fatten them up. ‘She was scolded by some of administrators because she was giving out too much food,’  her son, Ross Cioppa told PittsburghTribune-Review. “My mom didn’t care. She took the scolding and did what she thought was right.’ Rose Marie Cioppa of Braddock Hills, formerly of Rankin, died Friday, Feb. 24, 2012, in the Ladies of The Grand Army of the Republic Home in Turtle Creek. She was 96.”

“Food played a big part of the Cioppas’ life. Mrs. Cioppa made the square pizzas, meatballs, hot sausages and Italian hoagies at Rose Marie Pizza Shop. ‘Whatever pizza we had left over, we gave to the neighbors,’ said her son, Joseph Cioppa of Rankin. ‘If people didn’t have money, we gave them the pizza. We never threw nothing in the garbage.'”Madonna del Castello Church in Swissvale celebrated the Feast of St. Simeone on the second Sunday in October with a parade through Swissvale and Rankin. The parade stopped in front of the Cioppa home, and Mrs. Cioppa would feed the whole entourage — as many as 90 people.

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