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Pizza fuels runners in Forida 5K

Is pizza the perfect the fuel for long-distance runners? reports the winners of August 8 I Run for Pizza Football Kickoff 5K race, John Cacciatore and Kaitlin Donner, both planned to re-energize on free pizza after the race from sponsor Pizza Gallery and Grill in Viera, Florida. Both experienced runners said pizza is a great pick-me-up after a race. Donner, a triathlete with a doctorate in physical therapy, has the medical cred to advocate for pizza's positive impact on runners. “Pizza is good for you after a race and good for you before a race. It has carbohydrates, fats, and everybody needs those after a race, which depletes them," she says. "We (husband Ed Donner has been named one of the “25 fittest guys in America” by Men’s Fitness magazine) have pizza night before every race.”   

The race drew about 800 people to The Avenue Viera,, where Chris Conneen operates Pizza Gallery. Conneen supplied 200 pies to runners, along with fresh fruit and Danish pastries. Kristine Van Workum, a certified specialist in sports dietetics, added that pizza is easy to distribute, has the right carbs-protein and salt ratio for runners, and restores glycogen for muscle building.

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