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Pizza beats humble pie

According to a news report from, “St. Patrick’s students got a little free pizza today. Their counterparts from St. Christopher ate humble pie.”

“After losing an annual friendly school challenge for charity, St. Chris had the honour of serving up pizza to their cross-town cohorts,” said the story. “The two Catholic high schools have competed the past seven years in the Share Lent Challenge, to see which student body can raise the most money per student in support of Third World development projects. “We’re all here to eat crow,” announced St. Chris chaplain Tim Charrette upon arrival. St. Pat’s students narrowly won out, raising about $7.16 a student.”

“The big winners was Development in Peace, said St. Pat’s chaplain Richard Whitney. The charity received more than $10,500 from the two schools. Wilma McNeill was on hand to accept the cheque on behalf of the group,” according to the article.

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