Phantasy Star Ties With Pizza Hut

According to, “It looks like in-game sponsorship is reaching even the most sacred of gaming franchises. In Japan, Sega’s Phantasy Star series will be seeing some major tie-ups for its latest incarnation, Phantasy Sta""r Portable 2.”

“Previously, Sega announced a tie-up with Coca Cola’s Fanta beverages. Cans of Fanta will appear in the game as in-game items. This tie-up actually kicked off at the Tokyo Game Show, with Phantasy Star Portable 2’s booth having a distinctly purple theme.Today, Sega announced a second food tie-up. This time, Pizza Hut has the honors. A Pizza Hut shop will appear in the game, accessible during your quests. You’ll be able purchase items such as Seafood Mixed Pizza and Cheese & Cheese Pizza. These appear to be swords and shields rather than healing items.”

“Real Pizza Hut shops are also taking part in this promotion. In Japan, Pizza Hut has a mascot known as Mr. Cheese. Those who join the online Pizza Hut Club will get a password for unlocking a Mr. Cheese figure in the game.”