Owner in Portsmouth, New Hampshire Blames Pizzeria Closing on Labor Shortage

To save her two successful pizzerias, the owner of 900 Degrees Pizzeria in New Hampshire had to shut down a third one that was struggling due to a labor shortage.

900 Degrees owner Priscilla Lane-Rondeau announced on Facebook last week that she was closing her Portsmouth location. Her flagship store in Manchester, which she opened in 2007, and her Epping location will continue to operate.

“The challenges of our Seacoast location proved too many to overcome in the time we forecast to become cash-positive,” the Facebook post read. “In the end, this is very simply about ending a drain on our resources in order to safeguard the bright and solid future of our other 2 locations. The third one was not the charm.”

The biggest challenge the restaurant faced, Lane-Rondeau told the Union Leader, was the difficulty of finding employees. She said she could only retain about 20 people on the payroll but needed at least 38 to keep up with customer orders.

“We just couldn’t get to people quick enough,” Lane-Rondeau said. “We just wanted to make sure we kept the integrity and strength of our other restaurants.”