A nonprofit in Edinburgh, Scotland, has launched a pizzeria where “every slice not only tastes good but does good” in the community.

Outta Space Pizza is the latest project from Space@The Broomhouse Hub, a community anchor organization that provide numerous services for adults, children and families. The pizzeria itself, which opened on March 7, is a social enterprise, a business that applies the principles of free enterprise to addressing social problems.

Outta Space’s operational hours are currently limited, with delivery offered on Thursdays and Fridays starting at 5 p.m.

this shows the Outta Space Pizza logo, with a pepperoni pizza at the center, encircled by a Saturn-like ring and the words Outta Space Pizza at the top and Broomhouse Hub at the bottomIn an announcement for the pizzeria’s official launch, Fin Clarkson, known as the Mission Controller for Outta Space Pizza, noted that “any profits will be re-invested within The Hub, which has been providing services to the community for over 30 years. A demonstration of the community commitment was the competition to create the [pizzeria’s] logo. The logo was designed by Sophie Lumsden, 14, who is a member of the Young Carers Group.”

The menu features a small but eclectic assortment of classic and UK-themed pies, such as the Rarebit (a Welsh item that does not, in fact, include rabbit as an ingredient), the Shroom Dog, the Pepperoni and the Margherita. Every pie is made by hand on-site, and the pizzeria supports five jobs for the community. The long-term goal is for Outta Space Pizza to provide an alternative funding stream for Space@The Broomhouse Hub.

Two representatives from Ooni, the manufacturer of a pizza oven for home and professional chefs, were on hand for the grand opening, and Ooni donated £23,000 to the organization.

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“We believe wholeheartedly in ‘pizza with a purpose’ and the positive power of a good pepperoni,” Clarkson said. “Ooni [is] a huge global company, and it is great that they are looking to support our local community with this donation that will help us to continue putting on free food events, like this one, to help families come together [and] enjoy great times and, of course, pizza that is out of this world!”

Services offered by Space@The Broomhouse Hub include projects for elderly people and people with dementia; job training and personal/professional development courses; and support for children and young people caring for older family members.


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