Organ Stop Pizza Contest Pits Police vs. Firefighters

“Organ Stop Pizza, 1149 E. Southern Ave., Mesa, is hosting a month-long battle between Mesa police and firefighters to benefit the 100 Club of Arizona, which provides financial support to the families of public-safety personnel who die in the line of duty,” according to azcentralcom. “The battle will be decided by what pizza favored by either side wins out with customers.

Called the Red vs. Blues Heroes Pizza Challenge, customers can choose one of four pizzas between now and Sept. 15. The Hawaiian Five-O and Smokey BBQ Chicken represent police, while the Buffalo Chicken and Five-Alarm pizzas represent firefighters. For every purchase, either in-house or takeout, 20 percent of the bill will be donated to the 100 Club. At the end of the contest, the pizza that sold the best will be added to the menu through Oct. 31 and 20 percent of sales of that pizza will continue to be donated to the 100 Club.”