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OrderSnapp Launches New Kiosk & Table Top Ordering Systems

ROCHESTER, N.Y., March 8, 2016—"Stop paying too much for technology!" It's a charge that OrderSnapp, a leading provider of online and mobile ordering technologies for restaurants with major take-out and delivery businesses, is leading as they help business owners learn how to gain control of their costs and better serve their customers.

Today the company announced its first kiosk and table top ordering systems—the latest solution in its OrderSnapp technology suite providing affordable technology to help  pizzerias and other small restaurants stay competitive and afloat.

With the minimum wage rates increasing to an all-time high, the usage of high-commission ordering sites claiming up to 15 percent of online and mobile ordering profits, and too many scattered online listings diluting a restaurant’s online presence, many pizzeria and other restaurant owners are watching profits head out the door as soon as they come in.

"Sometimes it can feel as though there are too many hands in a business owner's pocket," said Ronald Resnick, president and CEO, OrderSnapp. "We talk to customers every day about how to control their technology and marketing costs, make smarter decisions to stretch each dollar, and most importantly stay in business."

New OrderSnapp Kiosk & Table Top Technology

OrderSnapp is known for offering its customers a free POS system and an All-in-One mobile and online ordering system with predictable, low monthly fees.  Now OrderSnapp is offering Kiosk & Table Top ordering technology which allows business owners to save on labor expenses and more quickly and easily manage lunch and dinner rushes in busy, walk-up environments, such as luncheonettes, food courts, airports, and sports stadiums, as well as bars and nightclubs. Because kiosk and tabletop ordering technologies are so visual, there are also opportunities to entice and upsell consumers. Customers also enjoy this secure way of ordering and paying as their credit card never leaves their sight.

The OrderSnapp Kiosk & Table Top systems work with a standard Wi-Fi iPad. It is available in a variety of hardware configurations, including floor or tables stands with encrypted card readers for secure credit card payments with simple fees and quick deposits. The software is free to use with no hidden cost.

"With kiosk and table top ordering technologies customers can navigate and control their own experiences," said Resnick. "This technology has rapidly caught on in other industries and is quickly becoming a must-have for restaurants looking to manage large crowds and cut down on wait times."Integrating with OrderSnapp POS & All-in-One Digital Ordering System

OrderSnapp Kiosk & Table Top ordering systems and OrderSnapp POS can be used independently or in conjunction with the OrderSnapp All-in-One digital ordering system.

The OrderSnapp POS system has features of a high-end POS without the high cost. It provides easy menu or catalog editing, split checks and payment, shift/cashbox management, and kitchen and receipt printing. It allows restaurant owners to track sales and cash flow, and can help simplify bookkeeping by acting as a cash register and payment terminal. 

The OrderSnapp All-in-One digital ordering system is designed to help increase profits while providing the ease and convenience of online and mobile ordering to customers. Through the all-in-one system, OrderSnapp also provides online marketing, business listing management, social media, and couponing support. This system includes a custom website and branded mobile app, and people can promote their own URL. OrderSnapp does not charge commission on any orders, including cash orders, and there is no cross-promotion involved. Plus, people can access all of the customer contact data that is collected, including customer name and email addresses.

Customers Reap the Rewards
Effective immediately, all OrderSnapp software now includes a Customer Rewards Program available through online, mobile, or website ordering. OrderSnapp will capture customers' data and automatically add it to their loyalty credits to be redeemed at a later date.

"Whether you've been in business for one day or 10,000 days, it's important to have the right systems and tools in place," added Resnick. "We’re champions for small restaurants—the local pizzeria, independent owner, and family-run business. It's important for the economy, for our culture and neighborhoods, and for the livelihood of so many families that these places succeed—OrderSnapp can help."

OrderSnapp Kiosk, Table Top, and POS are available free to download in the Apple iTunes App Store. Customized mobile apps for restaurants can be downloaded from iTunes or Android’s Google Play Market. The Kiosk and Table Top hardware packages can be ordered directly from OrderSnapp and can be integrated with the free OrderSnapp POS and OrderSnapp In-Store iPad Applications. The All-in-One solution, which includes an online ordering website, customized mobile apps, loyalty program, social media support, and more is available for a fixed fee of $79 per month.  Currently there are no set up fees for contracts required, and businesses will pay just 2.75% per swipe through the Kiosk ,Table Top, and POS systems for all major credit cards—Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Customer service is available 24 hours a day for all solutions. 

For more information about OrderSnapp, call 888.402.6863 or visit

About OrderSnapp

OrderSnapp provides a suite of products to help restaurants and pizzerias manage their entire business. The company is a leading innovator in pre-developed mobile business solutions. Its in-house software developers and technical staff build POS systems, mobile applications, and websites for small businesses so they can better compete in their geographic areas and industries with solutions that can be implemented and maintained at affordable monthly costs. With OrderSnapp online and mobile ordering, kiosk, table top, and POS systems, restaurants, pizzerias, small chains, and startups can start selling today. The company was established in 2003 and is located in Rochester, NY. To learn more about OrderSnapp, visit