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Off Beat Pizzeria Marks Tribe With Ampersand Tattoo

Washington, D.C.'s &pizza invites employees to make a "permanent commitment" through free tattoos featuring its iconic logo.

Branding is key to pizzeria success–but a growing Washington, D.C.-based fast-casual chain is inviting its employees to ink their own bodies with its distinctive mark.

The Washington Post reports &pizza is offering employees (the company calls them its “tribe”) complimentary tattoos at Britishink Tattoos, six blocks from the original &pizza on H Street Northeast. This past week alone, 15 tribesmen visited the tattoo parlor to ink their loyalty with the non-traditional company’s ampersand. &pizza, which has grown to 13 sites since its founding in 2012, started offering the “benefit” a year ago and even extends the offer to customers who spend $1,500 on pizza. &pizza co-founder Michael Lastoria says if his company reaches an undisclosed goal, he’ll adorn himself with the largest ampersand tattoo of all.

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