Adopt a coffee bar trend: When your pizzeria wires for business and college crowd.
Make your pizza business a WiFi zone. With this bit of technology you can invite your customers with wireless internet connectable devices to gather at your location to “get connected.” Customers can pay or offer it free as a draw.

Contact: John Marshall
Telephone: (866) Wandering ext. 81
Fax: (404) 506-9761

Menu Reader Magnifier
It’s a simple and inexpensive device that makes a big difference for those older customers who struggle with your menu. Attach a Menu Reader to each of your store menus. They’re so inexpensive, you’ll encourage your customers to steal one.

Menu Reader
Contact: Mark Block
Telephone: 800-433-4919

Your Windows Will Whisper To Passersby
Turn you exterior store window into a moving billboard with this new video projection and sound technology from Sprox. This new way of displaying video inside or outside your store has unlimited applications for marketing your menu and business.

Sprox • Contact: Michelle Witthoeft • Email:
Website: • Telephone:  (231) 237-0842
Fax: (231) 237-0849

Make desserts irresistible with 3D View-Master
Here’s an unique selling technique that has been in use for over 60 years. View-Master will send a 3D camera to your pizza business and you snap the pictures. Send it back and you soon be showing your customers 3D dessert, kids menu or gourmet pizza presentations.

Contact: Sandy Kensinger
Telephone: (716) 687-3899
Fax: (716) 687-3506

Are you employees on drugs?
Is it worth $9 to find out? This easy to use urine test cup will give you an answer in just five minutes. Test checks  for marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, amphetamines and opiates. Other slightly more expensive test kits can test for nine substances.

Drug Check • Contact: Les Wilson
Email: • Website:
Telephone: (866) 378-4245 • Fax: (310) 387-1228

Your customers will be floored. Imagine covering your floor with the image of a giant pizza? A local high school mascot? A classic wood texture over a bare concrete surface? The technology is here for your floors, walls or ceilings.

Agio Imaging, Inc • Contact: Bill Rousos • Email:      
Website: • Telephone: (269) 226-4000, (800) 982-4533
Fax: (269) 226-4224

Self-Sticking Pizza Box Toppers

Ok, so we don’t have a picture of a menu sticking to a pizza box, you get the picture.They also have self sticking doorhangers and lots of other great printing ideas.

A’DEAS Printing

Contact: Roth Christopherson


Telephone: (316) 648-2494

Fax: (316) 269-9763

Magnetic Menu Boards: Changeable, Beautiful, Affordable
Wait until you see how great these boards look close-up. Easy-to-read and classy, when your menu expands or prices change, just replace a couple of magnetic strips. Their website has a whole section on pizza specific menu boards.

Kiwi Design
Contact: John Miller
Telephone: (888) KIWI KIWI
Fax: (612) 866-6428

Great New In-Store Sign Design
Here’s a three panel moving sign for $250 including graphics. Pictures or text can tell a story, persuade or entertain. Make an offer your customer can’t help but notice.

18 Fortunes, Inc
Contact: Quynh Thai
Telephone: (312) 733-0080
Fax: (312) 226-0888

Pizza ‘round the clock
Donna Young of Image Time shows off one of Image Time’s new lighted neon clocks made especially for the pizza industry. These cool retro clocks can be customized with any pizza graphic or logo.

Image Time Neon Clocks
Contact: Michelle Kyle
Telephone:       (724) 736-8200
Fax: (724) 736-8082

Highlighter Alerts You When Customer is Ready
“Customers really like them-It gives them control.” This simple and inexpensive “highlighter” allows customers to turn on a simple light, letting your wait staff knows when they’re ready to order and ready for their check.

Innovative Development
Contact: Dennis Sorenson
Telephone:       (702) 368-5284
Fax: (702) 221-0904 

Work Force With An International Flavor
Pizzerias can now get experienced restaurant workers from Italy, Australia or other countries for the prevailing wage in your area. No extra cost. You’ll help foreign temporary workers learn about America while they help you bring an international flavor to your restaurant. Alliance Abroad Group

Contact: Barbara Tunkis
Telephone:       (512) 457-8062 x 128
Fax: (413) 460-3502

Toy Idea Becomes Popular Menu Solution

Stone Newman’s regular job is creating toys for his toy company, Sababa Toys, but he found that restaurant executives were ordering his LUMI PAD, an illuminated message board, for a variety of restaurant menu applications. Used as a daily specials or menu board, it draws attention to any message and is easy to use over and over again.  


Sababa Toys, Inc.

Contact: Stone Newman



Telephone: (646) 638-1240

Fax: (646) 638-1242

Sign Ordinances? What Sign Ordinances?
According to Ellen Hueffner, this is not really a three-sided sign that can be easily spotted from 1000 yards – – It's really just an innocent, but street-legal, trailer which can be moved from parking spot to parking spot all day long? In front of your store? Down the street? In transit around the block all day long. They’ll create the full color fade resistant display which fits this trailer sign.

Contact: Ellen Hueffner
Telephone:       (414) 349-2369 
Fax: (414) 425-4173

Take-and-Bake Taken Seriously
Pathway Solution is our most practical best find of the NRA show for 2004. If you’re in the Take-and-Bake pizza business, here’s something you will be excited about. Sell by the slice? Or by the pie. Take-and-Bake now can be displayed, “taked” and baked in this totally oven-able (heat-sealed) board-lid package. They also have your traditional Take-and-Bake supplies and package heat-sealing equipment. Look for more innovation in packaging in the years to come.

Contact: Pizza Packaging Product
                Packaging Manager  
Telephone: (614) 791-0104
Fax: (614) 791-0499


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