Ovention, Inc., is honored to announce BACK-TO-BACK awards for innovation: Following up on the revolutionary Matchbox® speed cooking oven, honored with a Kitchen Innovations® 2013 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show®,  now our new Shuttle® oven has been named a 2014 recipient.

We Invite You

We invite you to see the new Shuttle oven on display along with other innovative awardees at the Kitchen Innovations Pavilion during the NRA Show May 17-20 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. In addition, both the award winning Shuttle and Matchbox ovens will be featured at Ovention booth #2518. We’d love to meet you at either spot, or even both! We think you’ll like what you see.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the KI program honors “the most promising and cutting-edge advancements in kitchen equipment for the foodservice industry,” according to an NRA statement. This year’s panel of judges—internationally recognized food facilities consultants, chain executives and design experts—noted the Shuttle as a  “ ventless impingement oven [that] transitions seamlessly between conveyor and Matchbox mode at the touch of a button to contain heat, moisture and grease-laden air for improved speed, menu flexibility and energy efficiency. “ Many of this year’s judges were also on the panel last year that honored the Matchbox, so they saw how the Shuttle builds upon Matchbox breakthroughs and adds a whole new dimension of its own.

Like the Matchbox, the Shuttle is a compact, UL-Certified Ventless speed cooking oven that uses no food-damaging microwaves, instead employing only an advanced, unique Precision Impingement® form of convection. Like the Matchbox, the Shuttle gives you automated batch cooking. While one batch is in the cooking chamber, you can preload the next batch. Food automatically exits when finished, so there’s no overcooking, ever. And the enclosed cooking chamber provides excellent temperature and airflow control, quick cooking, a cool workspace and superior energy efficiency.

Like the Matchbox, the Shuttle also features programmable touchpad controls that let you set time, temperature and independent top and bottom blower speeds for 1,000 menu items. You can go from breakfast sandwiches and paninis to pizzas, grilled vegetables, grilled shrimp, chicken sandwiches, cookies and more, all with great cooking quality, done seamlessly and in quick succession.

And For Rush Periods

And for those special rush periods when you need to crank out large volumes of a particular menu item, at the flip of a switch Shuttle adds a whole new dimension shifting into conveyor mode.

Essentially with the Shuttle oven you get the best of both worlds. For the 80% of time when you need quick menu flexibility, excellent cook quality and cool, quiet energy efficiency, you have Shuttle mode. And for those times when you need a burst of single-item high volume, you have a conveyor.

In summary, Shuttle takes the speed cooking category to the next level in cooking quality, flexibility, speed and efficiency:  

·         UL-Certified Ventless

·         Unparalleled Flexibility from Enclosed Shuttle to Conveyor Mode

·         Precision Impingement Superior Cooking

·         No Microwaves

·         Self-Loading/One-Touch Controls

·         Auto Exit/No Overcooking, Ever

·         Immediately Variable Temperatures In Shuttle Mode

·         Fast Service Times

·         Low Operating Cost

See the Shuttle in action at www.OventionOvens.com/Shuttle.

About Ovention, Inc.

Ovention, Inc. an independently operated division of Hatco Corporation, is driven by award-winning innovation, integrity and an intense desire to solve problems that others walk away from. That spirit of innovation has produced a series of ovens, including the revolutionary Matchbox Oven, which meet the real world needs of commercial operators. Ovention, Inc., with engineering innovation facilities in Dallas, is headquartered at 635 S. 28th Street, Milwaukee, WI, 53215, USA Phone: 855-298-OVEN (6836).  Web: www.oventionovens.com.


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