New Portion PadL product

NuVo Grand is proud to announce the No HandL Portion PadL. They are the first pizza cutting guides made for pizzas to rest on, in pizza merchandising and warmer display cabinets. The NSF- and FDA-approved composition material that is used to make the Portion PadL products have a heat tolerance up to 300 F which can safely rest in the pizza merchandisers and warmer cabinets.  These unique cutting guides are very attractive and with all slices cut equally, assure the ability to sell equal slices, which reduces food loss and increases corporate profits. A third use for the No HandL Portion PadL is a serving plate for whole pizzas served at the table of dine-in customers at pizzerias. The Portion PadL is available for independent pizza businesses, large and small franchises, convenience stores, school and municipal cafeterias. For more information, visit or call (330) 608-5928.