DETECTO's USA-made Enterprise® APS series digital scales are ideal for precise portion control weighing in pizza kitchens, delis, and bakeries. The APS series can be equipped with an optional APSPB piezo tare button to expedite production in busy food prep settings.
The APSPB piezo tare button is stainless steel, waterproof, and virtually indestructible, so it will stand up to rugged treatment in any busy commercial kitchen. This handy tare button allows the weight of various ingredients to be quickly zeroed off while building finished products such as pizzas or sandwiches. When done, remove the finished product to see the total weight.

  • Large 1.1-in diameter pushbutton size
  • Virtually-indestructible stainless steel
  • Piezo touch technology–no moving parts
  • Audible beep alert when pressed
  • Waterproof, USA-Made quality

By incorporating the piezo tare button with the APS series scales, you now have the SPEED and ACCURACY needed for faster and more precise food preparation. This provides a more consistent, quality output for the customer and tighter quality control, without waste, for the business owner. The large button size, sturdy design, and discernible beep of the piezo tare button are crucial features for any fast-paced food production workflow. Due to the rising cost of ingredients, especially meats like pepperoni, these features are instrumental in minimizing production costs.

Versatile remote mounting positions facilitate an orderly work environment:

  • Wall (vertical mount)
  • Countertop surface
  • Side of the countertop
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