National Wine Day is May 25

Friday, May 25 is National Wine Day. Your guests will want to celebrate, so be ready!

Announce the special day on social media and an email blast.

Offer a special lineup of wine pairings that work with your menu.

If you need help, here are some suggestions taken from a previous PMQ story covering wine pairings. Use these on Friday or anytime to promote your wines.

Work your menu.

With so many wines available now—from all over the world—it’s helpful to offer some descriptors of the varieties you offer. Is the wine fruity, sweet or dry? What fruits come forward on the palate? You might also suggest wine pairings with menu items.

Train staff.

It’s helpful if your servers can recommend a wine for each menu option. Hold tastings with distributors or ask the wine maker to recommend complementary flavor profiles.

Take flight.

Wine flights—a sampling of three wines in smaller servings—are popular for patrons who can’t choose just one. You can center the flights around different themes: dessert wines, Rieslings or bold reds, for example.

Spread the word.

Adding a new wine to the menu or trying to call attention to your wine selection? Promote it on social media, table tents and in-store signage. Or host “Wine Down Wednesdays” to drum up midweek business with special deals on select wines.

Create themed dinners.

Wine-and-food pairing nights can attract customers to your business on slower nights; offer a four- or five-course menu with wines selected for each course at a fixed price.


How will you celebrate National Wine Day?