Direct Mail Experts Help Businesses Prepare and Reduce Impact of Impending Changes
CARLSBAD, Calif. (Apr. 25, 2007) ­ As the May 14, 2007, USPS postal rate changes quickly approach, it is essential for companies to understand the complexities of those changes.  Modern Postcard, a leading provider of direct mail advertising solutions, is helping businesses of all sizes prepare by offering recommendations to adjust mailings and reduce the negative impact of the rate hikes. 
For the long term, there are a variety of new adjustments in addition to the two cent postal increase that will have a strong affect on businesses not taking action.  Arnie Cohen, senior manager of product logistics at Modern Postcard, is an expert specializing in mailing services who offers the following clarification and tips:
1.                              Shape It Up – The USPS is introducing postage pricing based primarily on the shape rather than the weight of mail.  Theobjective is to reward customers for selecting mail designs that can be processed on the cost-effective, automatic equipment.  Mail pieces that are no larger than 61/8” x 11½” x ¼” thick will keep them in the “letter rate” category, saving mailers as much as $0.20 – $0.30 cents per piece.
1.                              Slim It Down – Although piece weight will be less important, it still makes a difference.  Staying under one ounce will reduce First Class postage costs by as much as 17 cents.  The good news is that if you really need that second ounce, the new postage rate is now seven cents less than the current 24 cents! 
1.                              Keep It Clean – As postage costs go up, it is critical that mail is only sent to fully deliverable addresses.  Keeping databases updated and accurate requires a constant commitment to address quality.  Getting rid of those undeliverable and outdated addresses will pay off over and over again with each mailing. 
1.                              Share the Workload – The Postal Service would love for you to do some of its work… in fact, they’ll reward you for doing so.  Presorting mail by common destination and then drop shipping it at a USPS processing facility closer to the delivery area will earn you discounts that can add up very quickly. 
1.                              Go to School or Use a Counselor – Unfortunately, the rate change is more complex than a simple two cents across-the-board increase.  Learning the rules are just as important as understanding the new postage rates.  There are a number of good resources for this information, starting with the U.S. Postal Service.  In most major cities or regions, the Postal Customer Council (PCC), a network of business mailers and representatives of the USPS, hold regular meetings and conduct educational workshops.  For more information, visit the PCC site at
Even better, find an experienced and knowledgeable mail house familiar with the new rules.  You want to find a strong mailing “partner” that will provide information, guidance and cost-saving recommendations specifically for your direct response programs. 

To speak with Modern Postcard’s mailing and shipping expert, Arnie Cohen, about what the postal rate changes mean and how businesses can prepare, please contact Jennifer Myres at (619) 234-0345 or  For more information, visit
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