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Mobile Apps Boost Online Pizza Orders

“Hungry for a slice of pizza? There’s an app for that,” according to the Toledo Blade.

“In fact, there are several computer applications available these days for a mobile phone or computer tablet that will allow someone to order, pay for, and have a hot pizza delivered to the door within a half-hour or so.

“All the big chains say they’re bringing in like 25 percent of their sales through online ordering. So many people don’t want to even deal with people on the phone anymore,” said Liz Barrett, editor at large of PMQ Pizza magazine, which covers the pizza industry.

Marco’s Pizza Inc. of Toledo jumped into the fray 18 months ago, launching mobile phone apps for the iPhone and Android smart phones and computer tablets.

“I think the market’s changed quite a bit, especially if you look at the popularity of social media. Young people are so connected to these devices and use them for everything. I’m even guilty of that,” said Shawn Chowdhary, vice president of administration for Marco’s.”