Mobi Pizza (, a one-stop app for pizza lovers, has launched its online ordering service for pizza restaurants of all sizes to seamlessly offer online ordering for its customers.

Mobi Pizza’s free iOS app (compatible with all iOS devices), which already features a pizza making game, allows participating pizza restaurants to sign up and offer online pizza ordering. Pizzerias can list their restaurants for free, and the app is free to use for all customers. For pizzerias interested in offering online ordering, the services are a flat rate of $30/month for each location and $300/year for each location.

“We’ve noticed a trend of the big pizza chains that have offered online ordering and apps dominating and leaving smaller, independent pizza restaurants that don’t have the resources to create online ordering services behind,” said Rollin Roos, CEO, Mobi Pizza. “Mobi Pizza wants to ensure that pizza restaurants of all sizes have the same access to the technological advancements that today’s pizza lover requires so that their businesses can continue to thrive.”

Mobi Pizza’s online ordering technology supports coupons or offer deals for participating pizzerias. Signing up for the service is simple, contract and hassle-free and Mobi Pizza handles all set up and transactions. Once customer orders are placed, pizzerias receive an email alert, phone call and an order summary website (which can be checked on mobile devices). In addition, customers can use the app to place dine-in orders to eliminate any in-store wait.

Interested pizza restaurants can sign up at

The Mobi Pizza app was launched in 2012 with the family-friendly “Pizzeria Challenge” game. With the addition of online ordering, pizza-craving users can easily click and order a pizza from participating local pizza restaurants after playing the game.

The Mobi Pizza app is compatible with iPads, iPhones and iPods and has been optimized as a native app for both iPads and iPhones. The Mobi Pizza is available now at the iTunes store for free (

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