Mission Foodservice and Sysco to Host "Lucha Libre" Wrestling Event During NRA

During what is sure to be an exciting week at the 2014 National Restaurant Association show, Mission Foodservice and Sysco are teaming up to present an experience unlike any other in the history of NRA. They are sponsoring an unforgettable “lucha libre” wrestling event on Saturday, May 17, bringing together influential chefs, operators, manufacturers, distributors, representatives of the media and special guests. 

Lucha libre is a high-flying style of professional wrestling in Mexico, dating back to 1863. It’s known for agile wrestlers (“luchadores”) who wear traditional colorful masks, performing complex holds and acrobatic maneuvers like the plancha, tornillo and guillotina. The event will showcase this legendary sport with a live match featuring professional athletes from Chicago-based wrestling company Resistance Pro (cofounded by Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan). Attendees will experience the thrill of victory—and the agony of defeat—up close and personal! 

Not all of the action is taking place ringside. In keeping with the theme of celebrating Mexican culture, guests will be treated to an authentic-inspired array of street food “bites” and refreshing cocktails, featuring products and ingredients from Mission Foodservice and Sysco. 

The wrestling match and party, hosted by Mission Foodservice and Sysco, is an “invitation only” event but will be open to select members of the media.