Hip-hop superstar Lizzo has nearly 27 million followers on TikTok. So when she reviews your pizzeria, you’re in for a signal boost that no amount of money can buy. You just hope it’s a positive one.

For Dimo’s Pizza, with four locations in Chicago, the buzz turned out to be “good as hell.”

Lizzo, a vegan, ordered several pies from Dimo’s, then reviewed them on TikTok. Her verdict: 10/10.

“I’m in Chicago and…I wasn’t going to do a review on food, but look at this pizza,” Lizzo said in the TikTok video. She proceeded to dig into slices from several pizzas, including the Buffalo Vegan Chicken and the Vegan Mac. With each bite, the rapper/singer gave voice to her gustatory bliss with moans and groans.

“And now the Mac and Cheese reveal,” she said, opening a box containing the Vegan Mac pie. “Ohhh! And guess what? It’s vegan, bitch.”

“Now vegan mac is hard to do in general,” she added, warily, “so a vegan mac pizza…mmm, I’m giving it a side eye, but let’s see.” But after a mouthful, she exclaimed, “It’s good! Huh!”

@lizzoLizzoBeEating: dimos pizza♬ original sound – lizzo

Later, she noted, “If it was me, I would want the mac and cheese to be sloppier, so I would make it with the Buffalo [sauce] or Frank’s Red Hot. Other than that, 10 out of 10.”

Lizzo’s albums include Big Grrrl Small World, Coconut Oil and her breakthrough record, Cuz I Love You, which spawned the No. 1 hit, “Truth Hurts.” She’s known for promoting body positivity and self-confidence for young women and for supporting the LGBQT community.

She might have chosen Dimo’s because of the company’s own progressive values. On its website, Dimo’s describes itself as a “for-profit hospitality organization that champions unity, development and justice for our guests, our team and our communities in order to lead the charge in creating a positive, long-lasting impact.”

The chain is committed to “hyperlocal community engagement” and a set of core values that “help us find the right path.” As a result, the Dimo’s site notes, “though we operate as a for-profit entity, we utilize tenets from not-for-profit businesses in our operations by combining profit maximization with a focus on societal improvement.”

According to Eater Chicago, the owners of Dimo’s Pizza didn’t know Lizzo had ordered their pizza until the TikTok video was posted.

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