Las Vegas Cannabis Dispensary Delves into the Pizza Business

It’s every stoner’s dream—a place where you can buy weed and pizza, all in a trippy atmosphere you don’t have to be high to appreciate.

It’s called Planet 13, a Las Vegas cannabis dispensary and “superstore entertainment complex” that will soon add a bistro/pizzeria and a coffee shop as part of its Phase II expansion.

The company says it served an average of 1,712 customers per day during February, with an average ticket of $89.33. Actual foot traffic, including customers that did not make a purchase, has averaged 2,465 people a day since Jan. 1, the company reports.

The pizzeria and coffee shop “are dedicated to capturing revenue from non-cannabis consumers and to driving cross-revenue from cannabis customers,” the company says in a press release. The combined footprint of the coffee shop and eatery totals 4,500 square feet and will seat between 130 and 150 patrons. The bistro/pizzeria will be operated by Arizona restaurant and craft brewery chain Rickety Cricket.  Rickety Cricket operates three locations in Arizona and has won multiple awards for its pizza. The coffee shop will be operated under the name Purc Coffee, "Coffee for the Planet."

"The SuperStore isn't just a dispensary; it's a destination,” says Planet 13 Co-CEO Larry Scheffler. “Everything in the Phase II expansion is about giving customers more reasons to visit and recreate while they are in Las Vegas.”

There's plenty to gawk at, too. Decor features include an interactive LED floor complete with a digital koi pond and glowing-orb fixtures hanging from the ceilings.

“Customer traffic is growing,” Scheffler adds. “However, there are many more people that come to see the store that don't buy cannabis. The coffee shop and bistro/pizzeria will act as a draw and a tool to service that customer while also increasing the existing customers’ average ticket. We are building a one-of-a-kind tourist destination that will be a must-see for both cannabis aficionados and people who don't consume the product.”