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Lanham Pizzeria Caters to Upscale Tastes

""According to, “Daniel Foster can make pizza with his eyes closed. To prove it, the owner of Vocelli Pizza in Lanham once blindfolded himself and had an employee watch as he slapped dough, spread the sauce evenly and piled on the crispy pepperoni slices.”

“Foster, 24, is the youngest owner of a Vocelli Pizza franchise and an award-winning pizza maker who makes his pies with gourmet taste in mind. Foster won a company award in 2005 for making the best pepperoni pizza. ‘We don’t want to be a fast food place,’ said Foster, a Silver Spring resident who was 14 when he began hanging Vocelli fliers on doorknobs in Northern Virginia. ‘And we know people around here love all sorts of fried fast food, but that’s just not what we’re about.’ Vocelli Pizza has 20 stores in Maryland, including Foster’s Lanham location and a Bowie store.”

“The Lanham Vocelli opened in June 2007, just months after a then-21-year-old Foster teamed up with an investor from his church. Vocelli offers four kinds of crusts — pan, thin, Neapolitan and traditional — and a laundry list of toppings, including ground beef, salami, steak, red onions, roasted red peppers and Italian sausage. Pizzas range from $10.99 to $17.99, depending on the crust and toppings.”