It’s no secret that on-the-go snacking is a growing trend. According to Technomic’s 2014 Consumer Trend Report, when it comes to choosing snacks, 60% of consumers cite portability as a key factor, which is up 5% in the last two years. In addition, 50% indicate healthfulness as a very important consideration. This presents a real opportunity for operators to provide convenient, healthful snack options for patrons of all ages.

To meet the growing demand, Knouse Foods has launched Musselman’s Squeezables—Single-Serve Apple Sauce in a reclosable pouch that allows for portable, low-mess snacking with no spoon required. Designed with kids in mind, Squeezables are fun and easy to eat—and they’re filled with wholesome Musselman’s Apple Sauce.

Fat free, sodium free and gluten free, Musselman’s Squeezables are available in three flavors:

  • Honey Cinnamon—With real honey and cinnamon ingredients, this perfectly balanced flavor is only available from Knouse.
  • Strawberry—An extra burst of fruit flavor brings even more fun and deliciousness.
  • Unsweetened—No added sugar makes this a great choice for health-conscious consumers.

In addition to the new Squeezables, Knouse Foods offers a full line of single-serve apple sauce products, including the 2 oz. cup for smaller portions, the classic 4 oz., the 4.5 oz. cup which fulfills the minimum daily fruit requirement for K-12 operations, and the 6 oz. BIG CUP—great for older kids and adults with larger appetites.

Bob Fisher, Vice President of Marketing for Knouse Foods, says, “We’ve seen a real opportunity for portable, healthy foods. Musselman’s Squeezables work well as a side or snack that patrons can easily take wherever they go. They’re sure to please health-conscious kids and adults, and operators will appreciate the efficiency of grab-and-go packaging with no need for a spoon.”

To see the full line of Knouse Foodservice single-serve apple sauce products and menu ideas, visit

Knouse Foods is an established grower-owned fruit cooperative and food processor for apple and fruit related products. The cooperative includes fruit growers in the Appalachian region of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the Mid-West. Known for its environmental stewardship, Knouse Foods is committed to ensuring all of its products meet the highest standard for taste, quality and consistency. Product brands include Musselman’s® and Lucky Leaf®. For more information, visit

Source: Technomic, Inc., Snacking Occasions Consumer Trend Report (2014)

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