Katy Perry “kissed” Papa Johns in a recent post on Instagram—and the No. 3 pizza chain liked it.

The pop superstar attended Madonna’s concert, part of the Celebration Tour, at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, California, on Monday, March 11. Afterwards, Perry posted two photos of herself with several Papa Johns-branded pizza boxes.

The text read, “Did bikram yoga, awakened kundalini and opened up my throat chakra with my mother @madonna last night. Oh, yeah and then I had pizza cause ya know, balance.”

Not surprisingly, someone on the Papa Johns social media team sniffed that post out right away. Papa Johns was among the 372,340 Instagram accounts that “liked” the post.

Then, the brand’s social media marketer apparently decided, “Oh, well, what the heck?” and went for broke with a comment that read, “Ok but what if we added a Katy Perry Pizza to our menu?”

Perry didn’t take the bait, neither responding to nor liking the comment, so we’re guessing that idea didn’t get her official approval.

Another commenter, @katyperrybrasil, asked, “Is the Pizza Perry franchise chain on the way? we are ready for #PizzaTuesday.”

No response from Perry to that one either. But we know Perry is a pizza fan. A photo of her clad in a pepperoni pizza costume, complete with hoodie, went viral years ago, and she famously flung pizza slices at the audience during an appearance at a Las Vegas nightclub in 2022. In another memorable pizza moment, Perry went crowd-surfing at Funky’s Pizza & Daiquiri Bar in Oxford, Mississippi, following her appearance as the celebrity guest picker on ESPN’s GameDay, on which she accurately predicted Ole Miss would beat SEC rival Alabama.

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