"The creator/chef/operator of Clayton artisan pizza shop, Katie’s Pizzeria, wants to expand, and is using the fund sourcing website, Kickstarter, to help her raise $40,000," according to the Clayton-Richmond Heights Patch.

"Katie Lee’s five-year-old Katie’s Pizzeria has won Best Pizza from Sauce Magazine the past four years in a row. Now she’s adding artisan pasta to the menu and restaurant name. She plans on opening Katie’s Pizza and Pasta, in Rock Hill.

"It’s an artisan theme, the other is artisan pizza. I’m adding artisan pasta," she said.

“We’re going to have an open kitchen design,” Lee said. “There’ll be a wood-fired oven. The different colored pastas will be hanging up drying on display. Diners will see the whole artisan, Italian cooking process while they’re eating,” she said.

Lee doesn’t have a lease signed yet, but said she's been working with a realtor and has a location she likes.

She said she decided to do the Kickstarter because she liked the idea of getting the community involved in opening a restaurant."

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