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Judge punishes pizzeria owner for scalding employee

According to a report from in Londonderry, New Hampshire, “A judge Monday chided a local pizza shop owner after finding him guilty of assault for burning a female employee on the arm last summer with a hot metal pizza paddle.”

The report said, “Vincenzo Delviscovo, 41, of Vincenzo’s pizza restaurant in Londonderry received a suspended 30-day sentence in the Rockingham County House of Corrections pending good behavior for one year. Delviscovo must also pay restitution to the victim, Julie Farley, for medical costs not covered by insurance.”

The article stated: “According to court testimony and a police affidavit, Delviscovo was upset by Farley’s arrangements on June 16 to get an employee to work an upcoming shift on Father’s Day.”

The article said, “The owner testified that he was trying to get the attention of Farley, whose back was turned, to tell her his thoughts when he reached out with a hot pizza paddle and touched her. He said he had only intended to touch her clothing and did not mean to burn her. Delviscovo also testified that it was not unusual for employees to use utensils to get each others’ attention at the restaurant and that horseplay, including play wrestling, was part of the culture at the establishment.”

Accrding to the report, “Londonderry prosecutor Kevin Coyle maintained during cross examination that Delviscovo’s action with the metal paddle was not intended as horseplay; rather, he was in a serious mood.”

The article said Coyle pointed to the fact that after her being burned and in pain, Delviscovo continued to show his dassatisfaction over the scheduling.

The reprot stated: “Derry District Court Judge Robert Stephen sided with the state’s request for a 30-day sentence and restitution. Defense lawyer Paul Garrity did not object.”

According to the report, “The judge also advised Delviscovo to stop the practice of getting employees’ attention during busy or stressful times by touching them with restaurant utensils, including spatulas and spoons, saying that kind of behavior could land him back in court in the future.”

In the article, The judge said since his father owned a restaurant, he knew there were more appropriate ways to get an employee’s attention in such a stressful environment, including speaking loudly or tapping someone softly on the shoulder.

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