Few people think about New Haven-style apizza as much as Frank Zabski. In fact, it’s become a second career for the serial entrepreneur, who spent 30 years as the owner of an IT business. These days, he’s the man behind a New Haven-style apizza Facebook page, the Pizza Gavones YouTube Channel and the New Haven Pizza School

On the latest episode of Peel: A PMQ Pizza Podcast, Zabski details one of the latest ways he’s trying to raise the profile of apizza to new heights. It’s a song he wrote and recorded with some friends—a song that’s simultaneously playful, ridiculous and catchy as can be. 

“I figured I love New Haven pizza,” Zabski said. “I’m super passionate about it. And I really like music. And again, I’m always looking for things that haven’t been done. And so they’re clearly, at least in my research, has never been a song about New Haven-style pizza.” 

Zabski said he wrote the song in about 20 minutes, but the recording process was far more drawn out. In fact, it took about two years in total to find the right people to record the song with. He ended up connecting with Lucinda Rowe and Mick Connolly, a married couple and musical duo based in Litchfield, Connecticut. The song has some swing vibes to it, with some entertaining back-and-forth banter about the best places to get New Haven apizza. 

Check out Zabski’s discussion with PMQ on the latest episode of Peel: A PMQ Podcast. The first half of the podcast is a discussion with Christy Alia, founder of Women’s Pizza Month. Zabski’s appearance begins at the 29:48 mark, well the New Haven pizza song kicks off at the 40:17 mark. 

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