Schools throughout the United States use roughly 5.76 billion foam food trays each school year.  StyroSmart® Solutions has developed an innovative solution to help schools recycle foam with the StyroGenie SG-1200.  StyroGenie is a low cost, thermal densification machine that reverses the foam manufacturing process by removing the air and returning it to a liquid resin. The resin is then cooled and formed into small briquettes that are easily recycled into other products.  StyroSmart Solutions has formed direct recycle agreements to transform the briquettes into EPS picture frames that can be sold at School fund-raisers.

Schools using StyroGenie today are:

ü      Reducing foam waste volume by 95%

ü      Saving money by reducing waste removal

ü      Saving the environment by keeping EPS out of our landfills

ü      Turning used foam lunch trays into usable products like picture frames and raising money!

To find out more about StyroGenie by StyroSmart Solutions contact:

Jason Womack


StyroSmart Solutions, Inc.


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