Indiana pizza maker hand-tossed into World Pizza Championship

Whether it's being profiled in one of America's great newspapers, The Chicago Tribune or finishing as one of the top competitors at the World Pizza Championships In Parma, Italy, Peter Anderson keeps it simple. The owner of Gelsosomo's Pizzeria in Crown Point, Indiana, has had one professional goal his entire career since starting out with Gelsosomo's as a dishwasher at age 15–to be the best pizza-maker he could be.

The Chicago Tribune's Jerry Davich, who calls himself a "pizza junkie," sat down with Anderson before the outgoing redhead made his trip to Italy in May. Davich says Anderson has been perfecting his pizza-making skills since 2007. Before then, he tossed dough, spread sauce and sprinkled cheese at other Gelsosomo's locations in Valparaiso and Chesterton. Now at age 40, married with two kids, Anderson has brought Gelsosomo's to new heights and earned one of the top scores for a U.S. Pizza Team member in Italy in the Pizza-In-a-Pan event.

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