Illinois Thin-Crust Headed to Freezer Section

According to Peoria Journal Star: “When Peoria native Cheryl Scott moved to Texas 30 years ago, the food she missed the most was Davis Bros. pizza. So she’d buy a bunch of them on every trip back home and freeze them.

When Scott bought Davis Bros. Pizza in 2002, if only to save it from closing, she quickly learned other displaced central Illinoisans felt as she did about the ultra-thin crust pizza that is unlike most you find around here.

An entrepeneur already, with more than one successful business venture behind her, Scott recognized an opportunity to feed her passion for Davis Bros pizza while helping others with their own.

‘I didn’t decide that I wanted to be a frozen pizza maker. I just wanted to continue the Davis Bros. tradition and cater to people like me. I had no idea the business would blow up like it has, but it’s great,’ Scott said during a recent trip back to central Illinois.

Davis Bros. Pizza, which started in a small, downtown East Peoria tavern in 1948, now can be ordered over the Internet and shipped frozen virtually anywhere in the country. Scott boasts she has shipped it to 37 different states so far.

Now, the frozen pizzas are being placed in grocery stores in four states.

Scott plans to expand that part of the business as well, doing the selling and marketing herself the old fashioned way: Taking samples of the pizza to stores herself and convincing the proprieters it will sell.

She has put more than 36,000 miles on her pickup truck since the last week of January – including 9,600 miles in a four-week period in spring – while finding time to do business using her laptop and cell phone.

Now a resident of Mountain Home, Texas – ‘it has a post office and a phone book but is 35 miles from any other towns’ – Scott sells Davis Bros. pizza in more than 20 stores in Illinois as well as stores in Texas, Floria and Missouri.

In this area they can be found at Lindy’s in Washington – the store Scott credits for giving her the impetus to expand to others – as well as at Pottstown Deli in the Metro Centre and many other locations, which can be found at”