How to 'Grow Your Own Pizza'

According to, “Matthew Wilson, the Society’s creative director and a columnist for The Daily Telegraph, has been growing all the ingredients for a traditional pizza – minus the wheat and mozzarella – in an old zinc water tank.”

“Wilson, a former pizza chef, said: ‘I wanted to show children that it’s possible to grow vegetables and herbs in quite small spaces. It’s something anyone can do, even if you’ve only pot a few pots or a windowsill. It gives you an appreciation of where it’s comes from – and tastes so much better.'” 

“He started growing vegetables in pots while living in a flat in Streatham, south London. His tub contains oregano, thyme, courgettes, aubergines, three different types of tomato, basil and sweet peppers. Inga Grimsey, director general of the RHS, said the idea was part of a push to encourage a “missed generation” to try gardening,” the story said.