How far can you stretch pizza dough

According to a news report from, “Whether you’re talking about New York thin crust or Chicago style deep dish, good pizza starts with the crust. But before there is crust there must be dough.”

“In the hands of Scott Childers, there is no telling how far pizza dough will go,” said the story. “Scott Childers, Manager- East Coast Pizza: “A good pizza is always stretching the edges first. You got to be gentle. You can’t be too aggressive.  You got to know your dough. And Childers does! He’s been perfecting his pizza pressing and kneading skills for 8 years. Two weeks ago he topped off his career by stretching an 18 ounce ball of dough. 39.5 inches, earning a gold medal at an Orlando Pizza Show in an event called “The Largest Dough Stretch” competition. He also earned a spot on the 2008 U.S. Pizza team, competing for the world title in Italy in March.”

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