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Grimaldis Jamie Culliton Joins U.S. Pizza Team, Wins Pizza Acrobatics Competition


During the 2010 U.S. Pizza Team Trials on September 14, part of PMQ Pizza Magazine’s seventh annual Orlando Pizza Show, U.S. Pizza Team members and hopefuls gathered to test their technical dough abilities. Pizza makers from around the country competed in largest dough stretch, faster pizza maker, freestyle acrobatics and for the first time, pizza box folding competitions. Jamie Culliton became the newest edition to the team after the Grimaldi’s ( pizza manager from Fort Myers, Florida, placed first in the freestyle acrobatics competition.

Results from all competitions include:

Largest Dough Stretch
1st Wilheim Rodriguez
2nd David Sommers
3rd Jeff Hoffman

Fastest Pizza Maker
1st John Howe
2nd Scott Childers
3rd Jamie Culliton

Freestyle Acrobatics
1st Jamie Culliton
2nd Eric Ross
3rd Wilhelm Rodriguez

Fastest Box Folder
David Somers

Judges for the event included long-time U.S. pizza team member Dave Smith, U.S. Pizza Team trainer Chris Green and Bruce Hofmann, Ph.D., a life coach and business success consultant.