As Gi.Metal, the Italian provider of pizza peels, trays and other essential pizza-making tools, celebrates its 35thanniversary, Founder and CEO Marco D’Annibale shared the following message with the pizza industry:

Thanks, first of all, to those who have put their trust in this project and in the people who have carried it forward to date: the pizza makers of all the “creeds” of Arte Bianca and our distributors who have allowed our products to be in the right place at the right time, just when the customer needed them.

Compared to the faraway 1986, things have become more complicated, and today we are all more aware of the responsibility involved in handling food as well as the tools that we work with. For everyone’s safety, the laws have become increasingly tight, regulating the materials that can be used in the manufacture of food contact tools. Lawmakers have also imposed tests on those utensils to certify that they do not release harmful substances in the food they come in contact with.

Marco D’Annibale

Furthermore, just like for food, it is essential to guarantee the complete traceability of what is produced and placed on the market. Even the labeling is meticulously regulated to guarantee correct and complete information to the customer and helping the monitoring of the entire life cycle of the product. Failure to comply with these rules has administrative and civil consequences, and, in the worst case, criminal consequences, both for those who produce and for those who resell non-compliant products.

In the old days, an idea and the power of goodwill were enough to create a successful business. Today those times are gone. Now the watchwords are competence and quality in order to protect each of us and our customers.

“With quality we build our future”: Gi.Metal wrote this message in large letters on its walls and those who work there carry it in their hearts. In fact, Gi.Metal has always invested—and will continue to invest—in technology and knowledge, in people and in their training. In fact, a certified internal inspector serves as the head of Gi.Metal’s Quality Department.

Gi.Metal’s commitment is a guarantee for all customers who buy, resell and use our products of the absolute certainty of their compliance with all legal requirements, as well as, obviously, their compliance with the needs of those who use them.

Thanks again, and may 2022 be prosperous and peaceful for all, with the hope of being able to meet you in person soon.

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