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Getting Fit on a Pizza Diet? That's His Goal

According to, “Matt McClellan is putting his pizza where his mouth is.”

“The owner of St. Petersburg’s cycling-themed Tour de Pizza has partnerships with three nearby gyms, where he occasionally passes out samples. But dough and cheese are the last thing exercisers want to see.”

“‘I was doing this customer appreciation night. People wanted to cast stones. They’re like, ‘I can’t eat that. Why would you bring pizza to a gym?’ said McClellan, 33.”

“So starting Wednesday, the St. Petersburg man will eat pizza for every meal for a month to prove that it can be part of a healthy lifestyle. At 6-feet-1 1/2-tall and 203 pounds, McClellan is not overweight, but says, “I look healthier than I actually am.” He normally skips breaks and subsists on his own pizza, Burger King, Taco Bell, Chipotle and sushi”