Genesis Global Technologies Announces Mobile Web Program

(June 2, 2010 – Fort Myers, Fla.) Genesis Global Technologies., a Southwest Florida technology leader, announces the release of their new Phone Optimized Website program for mobile marketing. Genesis Global Technologies has created an affordable phone-friendly website that works in conjunction with an organizations traditional website to reach those who use a cell phone to find products and services. To help celebrate the company’s 16th anniversary, throughout June clients will receive a 4 page Phone Optimized Website for just $99 with a signed monthly hosting agreement. See a sample site here; and view more information available at

Statistics show an enormous explosion in website browsing from smart cell phones compared to browsing from PCs or laptops. Analysts predict that cell phone internet browsing will surpass computer web browsing before 2015. But most websites are not formatted for the phone or designed to be cell phone friendly. In fact, “rich” website experience usually means no access for phone browsers, so 8 out of 10 cell phone users might not ever find an organizations site. With a phone-friendly site from Genesis Global Technologies, visitors using cell phones will be automatically redirected to an optimized version of the businesses website.

“By making mobile marketing with a Phone Optimized Website very affordable and providing our clients with a quick development time, organizations will now have ‘phone friendly’ sites to increase branding and sales,” explains Mona Hilton, President. “Cell phone usage is not going away and we provide an affordable solution to businesses so they can respond to consumer needs now.”

Genesis Global Technologies can be reached at 239-337-2667 or visit them online at

About Genesis Global Technologies

Genesis Global Technologies is a full-service computer networking company and authors of groundbreaking Developers Advantage, Sales Advantage and Medical Sales Advantage productivity tools. Founded in SW Florida in 1994, they specialize in helping companies use technology to improve their efficiency, productivity and profitability through network design and implementation, software and database development, web based commerce, business productivity tools, network management and disaster recovery. Visit them online at