Funnel Pack is Part of the Pizza

The Funnelpack Company out of Barcelona Spain is ready to introduce a slice of it’s success to the Pizza companies here in the USA.

The single pack sachet resembles a slice of Pizza and is a perfect fit for a quick delivery service. It offers the ultimate convenient solution for the Pizza Company and their customers.

The Funnelpack can be used for special spicy red pepper oil, olive oil, oregano and more. It is simple to use and can be inserted into to every Pizza delivery box when requested.

Other benefits of the Funnelpack are : Cost control and portion control. The use of colorful design and graphics on each single pack. Advertising and promotion space. Delivering messages to customers about their company and products. Use of coupons printed on the back of the pack. A popular use is to print in big letters the  Pizza delivery phone number.

The best way to demonstrate the success of the Funnelpack is to use it. Pizza companies are asking for market samples so they can test market.  The idea is to start with a small quantities.

The sachets produced by Funnelpack company do contain a range of other products including: Sugar, ketchup, marmalade, honey, lemon juice, salsa, Mustard and many more.

Funnelpack company also supplies the flexible film used in the production of these sachets, and offers a high quality digital printing service. This allows for flexibility in printing, quick changes in text & design without having to use expensive plates.

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